Chatr Mobile

$70/month 30GB plan (Canada+USA) 3G

  • $70/month 30GB plan (Canada+USA) 3G

Chatr Mobile

$70/month 30GB plan (Canada+USA) 3G


Call us at 1 (844) 264 6444
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For Quebec Numbers only
30 GB at 3G speed
Unlimited Canada + US Talk & International Text


  • Unlimited Canada + US Talk

  • Unlimited Text to Canada, US & International

  • 30 GB at 3G speed. Continue using data at a reduced speed until your next Anniversary Date.

  • +2GB with auto-pay

  • International Talk Saver

  • Voicemail

  • SIM CARD : 10$ (one time charge)

  • All plans include: call display, call forwarding and group calling.